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    The information published within these Website is continuously examined and updated by Mrs. Dr. Ingrid Kautz. Despite all care it can be not completely excluded that the data changed in the meantime. An adhesion or a warranty for the topicality, the correctness and completeness of the provided information cannot be taken over therefore. Same applies also to all other web pages, to which by means of hyper+left one refers. Mrs. Dr. med. Ingrid Kautz is not responsible for contents of this web pages.

With the mailing of inquiries at Mrs. Dr. med. Ingrid Kautz explains itself the Websitebesucher in agreement with the fact that its data are seized for treatment, in the sense of the Federal Law for Data Protection, in our IT-System.

The duplication of texts, textparts or pictorial material requires the previous agreement of the Mrs. Dr. med. Ingrid Kautz.

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